Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Do you want to earn some extra side money, are you any good at selling?

Would you be interested in helping me sell some of the non-edible plants we have?

I am trying to clear out 70% to 80 % of the nonedible plants to make room for edible ones BUT itd be nice of we both could make some extra money from the resources we have available to us. 

I do not have a license to sell  plants so you would have to help me get that.

But once any necessary paperwork is done,
Id be happy to split the profits with you.
Though before splitting you would need to put 10 to 20% of the amount made from a plant towards helping pay the land taxes that the plants are on.
But then after that id be open to maybe splitting half half on profits..
Does this sound appealing, interesting?

If so, please message me via or

It would probably help if you live in Houston,Tx.

I am also interested in harvesting and selling the youpon holly on our land.  Let me know if you would also be interested in that as well.. though there might be more paperwork involved in that, i dont know.

Basicaly l have the land and resources but am not good at the selling what we have part and or need someone to quite literally hold my hand  in making sure any license paperwork is done.

But if you wanted a way to make some extra money AND have the drive, patience and motivation to work with me, then i can help provide the resources to make it happen.

Umm.  TWO catches: 1)you would have to be willing to be audio recorded and  video recorded bc i have a form of ocd where i am not comfortable unless alll of an interaction is being recorded...
2) it would help even more if you would be okay having any of that be put up on youtube in a documentary style form.

A truck with a seatbelts in the bed for two people would also be useful though not a requirement.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

do you want to trade plants or purchase any of the plants we have?

these plant swap things sound so exciting, so I'm a bit disappointed that we won't be able to go to the ones by us this year... but if anyone is interested in coming by our home in the Houston SW Area, we would so love to swap anything we have extra available of, though mostly between my mom and I, we mostly just have: 1) ~ 20 years worth of pink crinnums ,  2)Aspidistra Elatior (aka.Cast Iron),  3)Chlorophytum comosum - aka spider plant (the plain green kind NOT variageted)  4)two sharp eye poking style yuccas (havent' figure out what they are yet), they have also been brutally trimmed because of the points) 5)one or two loquats6)a couple of sago palms Native ground covers:  7)Callisia repens,Turtle Vine  (pet lizards can apparantly eat it in small quantities, makes a great lawn cover that you never have to mow),    8)Calyptocarpus vialis - aka horse herb - a wonderful native lawn replacement to augustine grass 9)Tradescantia pallida aka purple heart (hardy ground cover, - challenging to get rid of though if you ever want to remove it later) Edible Plants: 10)Commelina erecta - aka blue dayflower or widows tears (edible - though old leaves to tough and fibery)Talinum paniculatum - aka Jewels of Opar quite edible and great spinach substitute perfect for year round spinach 11)Purslane  - 2 pots 12)Loquats - Japanese Plum 13)cuttings: red turks cap, pink shrimp plant, green gynura, chaya, purple sweet potato (I think),  Highly Invasive Options, but which I would extremely avoid if you are on outskirts of town or have a lot of land 14)Sphagneticola trilobata - highly invasive creeping oxeye daisy (warning - pretty ornamental flower but HIGHLY invasive) 15)Koelreuteria bipinnata - highly invasive ChineseRainTrees (warning - grows very fast and spreads faster) we also have some gardening equipment like metal mesh, mini stick mulcher, possibly some pump equipment, very old sprinklers? and if anyone thinks they can salvage some old rusty garden equipment,  probably have an assortment of that as well - like old cutters, maybe. i haven't quite taken inventory of what is in that garage.  willing to trade for pretty much any kind of edible plant WITH ROOTS that isn't already listed.. we are esp fond of any kind of 1)fruit trees, 2)moringas, 3)anything BERRY related, 4)lemon balm, mints, herbs of any kind, 5)nasturturium seeds, 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Do you have weeds, but dont know what they are?

If you take a picture of the "weed", there are several phone apps which can help you identify it.  

Kiddo recommends the I-Naturalist app.

- Kiddo and I can also help you identify the plants (for a fee).

The weeds help you identify what is going on in your soil.  Read this article to get a rough idea:

Also read this article on the benefits of weeds and also on how to make it so those weeds dont grow where you do not want them  but instead grow where you do want them:

Weeds can tell you a lot about your garden, from what minerals are missing to what kind of plants would grow best right there.  Also, many weeds can actually be more nutritious then what you find in the grocery store.  Check out these 3 links to learn more:

Do you have strawberry weed in your yard?

Does you have the strawberry weed in your yard and you dont know how to get rid of it?

Then embrace it!  Strawberry weed is edible and nutritious. "The fruit is 3.4% sugar, 1.5% protein and 1.6% ash. It has 6.3 mg of Vitamin C per 100 ml of juice.  An eight-foot patch will produce about 5.5 ounces fruit annually, about the same as wild strawberries, and you can cook the leaves as a green."
Consider yourself lucky that you are grwoing a foodsource that you didnt even have to plant and that grows desoute your best efforts to get rid of it..   thinknof this way: would you rather have herbicides in your ground that pollutes the watertable, the waterways, and which has been known to make both pets and people sick OR a readily available food source provided to you by luck and life, thats even more nutritious then some items you might find in a grocery store.  Heavens, i wish we could grow it in our yard! I am jealous you are so lucky to not even have to try and it is just provided to you by nature.

Source for quote: website


I usually recommend reading a lot about a new plant before you try it

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Do you like LiZiqi?

Wouldnt you like to have a garden luke hers?
I offer you to help me transform our garden into that and in return you can visit and spemd as much time i that garden as you like?

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Hqve you watched
An indigenous t4ibe tribe makes a documentary to teach the white man